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... More than thirty years have passed since I started designing my first Saint Benedict Crucifix: it was in 1990.
Later, thanks to its distribution in prayer groups, the crucifix quickly spread in Europe and later in other regions. We were the first manufacturers in Italy, although a similar model had been produced in France for many years. 

In 1996 I met Elena during a trip to Medjugorje and after two years, in May 1998 we got married; our family has grown and with the grace of God we have five children. 

The company is artisan and also family-run; our team has nine people, most of whom are mothers of families and some trainees with disabilities. The trainees have been working with us thanks to an agreement with the National Health Authority since 2001. 

Thanks to the presence of these young people, a human relationship has been established within the company, creating a familiar and peaceful atmosphere. At our company, these young people develop the skills of autonomy and collaboration, before being hired on an indefinite basis by other companies.

Our company Germoglio has been registered in the Register of Suppliers of the Governorate of the Vatican City since 2012. Among our customers we want to remember the many Benedictine Monasteries, the Sanctuaries, some Vatican Basilicas, and finally the Vatican Museums.

Our philosophy is ... I can do everything in Him Who can ...

Germoglio Italy

Elena Simeoni Giovanni De Zan